Ultrafocused Photography is a portrait photography service offering premium family, infant, and commercial digital photography to Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.

The photographer, Matt Johnston-Urey, began life as an aspiring concert pianist, but quickly transitioned to the digital world when he had his first encounter with a computer, spending his first decade plus in the workforce as a software engineer and computer consultant. He enjoys combining his creative and technical backgrounds to create fun, uplifting, poignant, thoughtful, and inspiring art.

When not behind the lens, you can usually find him dabbling in home improvement, reading to literacy-challenged youth, spending time with his wife and daughter, or generally ruining an otherwise-perfectly-good pot of coffee with the latest java fad he discovered online.

He is supported by his loving wife, who is a true creative professional in her own right, a graphic designer of over twenty years, and inspired by his three year old daughter.

A headshot of the photographer in a classic thinking pose

A self portrait of the photographer, Matt Johnston-Urey