Hi, I’m Matt, and it is my profound privilege to be your photographer here at Ultrafocused Photography.

I haven’t ALWAYS been a photographer, or that IN to photography, to tell you the truth! In fact… let’s just say that I didn’t exactly look forward to the sound of the slide projector clicking through the highlights reel of yet another family vacation growing up.

And so my path early on in life took me to other interests – the performing arts, math & science, technology…. My early career was completely involved with computers. I had a digital camera, and I occasionally took photos with it.

But then, something changed one day. I took some photos at a family gathering. And when I went to review them, I noticed I had actually captured a really fun sequence of us all laughing around a picnic table, eating ice cream. It was cute; it was happy; it was fun; and it made me smile involuntarily.

It sounds clichéd, but at that moment I truly realized the magic that photos could capture, the power they had. I started taking my little Canon Elph with me to more and more events, playing and practicing with it. Snapping everything that caught my eye. And when a chance to swap some of my data recovery services for a like-new DSLR fell into my lap, I jumped at it.

Staring through that viewfinder for the first time changed the way I see the world.

And the rest, as they say, is history! Aaaaaaand a lot of gear purchases. And practice with Photoshop. And gracious friends and family putting up with a lens shoved in their faces at every turn.

I could say that I connect to the world with my camera now, but that wouldn’t be entirely true. Really, the camera simply helps me show you my perspective on the connections that are already there.

I hope you enjoy my take on the world – I eschew heavy-handed digital manipulations, and prefer natural light, and natural smiles. Classic, timeless looks… with maybe a pinch of nostalgic filters sprinkled in here and there.

I look forward to being your photographer, hearing and seeing your story, and helping you share it with others.


A self portrait of the photographer, Matt Johnston-Urey